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Following the placing of an order by the customer, an assessment of each production operation and its complexity is required. However, a sound knowledge of printing and allied processes is essential before an intelligent understanding can be reached and each job evaluated in terms of production planning, methods, processes and materials.

It is important that the all the technical information gathering, preparation of work specifications, relating to all work types, specialist operations requiring external production and delivery dates are taken into account. This should include scheduling and loading of production times, production methods and processes, and the technology to be used.

This should also include the provision of all the materials on the dates on which they must be available, ensuring printing and delivery dates can be achieved. The setting of realistic times required completing the work and the time available for production.

1. Administration

Each new customer is allocated to his or her own Personal Account Executive, with a backup for holiday’s etc.The Account Executive is responsible for handling customer orders from start to despatch this includes Estimating, ordering repro, cutters and materials, producing work tickets and technical specifications for our production departments, and ensuring orders are despatched on time.

2. Administration

Our management system allows full traceability of all customer orders in production together with information on all previously printed orders delivery/despatch dates quantities despatched and invoices numbers.

3. Administration

All estimates are completed on our bespoke computerised system. The system allows us to produce all our estimates quickly and in a standard format giving us information on print cylinder availability, and raw material stocks etc. When orders are received information is automatically transferred to the works specification ticket.

4. Administration

In order to produce a customers order correctly we need to know the following:

  • Label details i.e. Size, shape, core size, number of colours printed, wound code, Narrow or Wide edge leading.
  • Application details. Type of applicator, linespeed, temperature, moisture or dust present, surface contamination.
  • Container to be labelled - material shape, conditions during product life cycle
  • Adhesive required – peelable, permanent or repositionable.We will supply blank reels for trial before production.

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