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Following the placing of an order by the customer, an assessment of each production operation and its complexity is required.

It is important that the all the technical information gathering, preparation of
work specifications, relating to all work types, specialist operations requiring external production and delivery dates are taken into account. This should include scheduling and loading of production times, production methods and processes, and the technology to be used.

This should also include the provision of all the materials on the dates on which they must be available, ensuring printing and delivery dates can be achieved. The setting of realistic times required to complete the work and the time available for production.

The offices where orders are received from customers. Raw
material stocks are monitored and new stocks ordered, finished product stocks are monitored and production scheduled, deliveries are scheduled and organised. Here all services are organised such as electricity and water bills paid, wages and salaries paid, and most importantly, invoices for products are raised and eventually processed.

1. Order Recieving 

Orders will still be received by telephone, fax or email, while many customers have a standing order system of regular scheduled deliveries.

2. Raw Material Stock Control

Production is always carefully planned and scheduled late in the week for the week ahead. Once we know what we need to manufacture then we need to ensure that there is sufficient raw material in stock or scheduled to arrive in good time.

3. Job Scheduling

Job or batch instructions will be issued to the factory, and formulations and quantities will be entered into the computers.

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